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News | July 7, 2022

Rivers Bend employees relocate to HQ

By Tonya Johnson DCMA Public Affairs

Approximately 230 Defense Contract Management Agency team members at Rivers Bend in Chester, Virginia, will relocate to the agency’s headquarters at Fort Lee, Virginia, by Aug. 31.

During a June 29 town hall at headquarters, senior leaders reviewed the plan and conducted a question and answer session with the workforce.

“This is a major accomplishment in our movement to the workplace of the future,” said Cory Rosenberger, DCMA’s chief of staff. “I want employees to know that their leadership, union representatives, and I are committed to executing this in the most measured and professional manner as possible.”

The move supports Strategic Line of Effort 4: Innovate the agency’s approaches to how and where we work to better adapt to the workplace of the future. Reducing underused facilities and consolidating these two offices reduces costs and enables a more hybrid workplace of the future. The Rivers Bend relocation is expected to save more than $2 million each year. This savings champions the agency’s ongoing efforts to serve as excellent stewards of taxpayer dollars.

Relocation of personnel to the Fort Lee military installation also improves force protection and reduces security costs. The plan will also complement work-life balance as the new set-up is geared for those who plan to continue to telework. This factor will help agency leaders in recruiting and retaining employees to accomplish the DCMA mission.

Byron Phillips, the relocation program coordinator, said employees should be careful while moving their belongings, including lifting items with their legs and not their back. Employees should avoid over-packing boxes, use the elevators and watch for trip hazards.

“Each move captain will clarify move guidance and provide a checklist and packing instructions to employees within their directorate,” Phillips said. “Employees will gather direction from their senior leaders to provide the specific organizational guidance within their designated workspace.”

Headquarters’ employees are scheduled to complete their designated relocations by July 11. Supervisors will manage workstation assignments in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the newly released Alternative Desking Guide. Employees who telework two or fewer days a week will be assigned a permanent desk. Teleworkers of three or more days a week will use alternative desk assignments.

A ‘reserve your workspace system’ has been developed and will be released to support alternative desking. This system will be piloted for headquarters personnel and evaluated for use in other DCMA offices throughout the agency for improved space management and facility utilization.

“The ‘reserve your workspace system’ was designed to reserve a workspace for employees who no longer have a dedicated cubicle or office when they are required to report to Building 10500,” said Phillips. “The user-friendly application allow employees to reserve a cubicle a day. A future version of the system would allow reserving a workspace up to five days. The employee is only required to bring their government-issued laptop or notebook to the designated cubicle.”

Employees will receive boxes to pack government files, equipment and supplies. They will have to provide their own boxes for personal items. Supervisors still must provide reasonable accommodations for those who require it if they come into the office.

Employees do not need to pack any telephones as they will be provided at their new location. Rivers Bend employees will be assigned new telephone numbers. Employees should also not pack any furnishings such as trashcans or cubicle or office signs. Trash cans will be provided at their new location. Lastly, team members should not pack printer paper or other bulk supplies like flip charts. If someone has an adjustable standing desk to transfer, it requires labeling to ensure it is moved.

Because of the limited file space in the headquarters building, all employees are encouraged to review and follow proper procedures from the records manager to determine which files should be kept. Do not place classified material in any box.

“Prior to moving, employees should look through all of their files to determine which files should be retained or properly destroyed,” said Phillips. “Each wing floor has recycled lock boxes that can be used to eliminate files through the shredding contract. Please do not discard your files that contain sensitive, controlled unclassified information, or personal identifiable information, in the recycle containers.”

More information about the telephone migration, alternative desking guide, reserve your workspace system, and other information is forthcoming.

For more information about the upcoming move, visit (login required). Employees can also contact their local move captain or technical advisor. Find that information at

A list of frequently asked questions and answers can be found at