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News | July 27, 2022

My DCMA: Andy Silva, contract administrator

By Tonya Johnson DCMA Public Affairs

My DCMA showcases the Defense Contract Management Agency’s experienced and diverse workforce and highlights what national defense team service means to them. Today, Andy Silva shares his story.

My name is Andy Silva, and this is “My DCMA.”

I am a contract administrator at DCMA Central Regional Command, and I am based at DCMA Boeing St. Louis, Missouri. My job duties include supporting the Harpoon, Standoff Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response and Joint Direct Attack Munition programs by performing contract maintenance, funds lifecycle management, monitoring contract performance, and ensuring that contract requirements are aligned with the agency’s and Department of Defense’s policies and procedures.

Some of the great things about working here includes the unique opportunity to work both pre-award and post-award contract requirements. Being able to plan a requirement, purchase the assets requirement, maintain and repair the assets, and dispose of the assets when necessary, provides a greater appreciation for the end product and acquisition lifecycle.

I have been a part of DCMA team for four years. I like working at DCMA because of the mission we have of protecting our nation. I have had great support and mentorship from Ste’phen Adams, supervisory contract specialist, and Tina Kneip, program integrator, which have allowed me to grow and learn the acquisition life cycle. Adams provided in-depth training of the Federal Acquisition Regulation, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation, and the DCMA manual for the preparation of the Council of Review Boards to better understand contract administration. I also like being a part of the program support team for the Harpoon and Standoff Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response program. The functional specialists on the team provides good insight and makes sure the contractor stays aligned with the cost, schedule and performance requirements.

DCMA is important to America’s warfighters because we produce and deliver the equipment our warfighters need to fight, survive and win. We are the eyes and ears of warfighters to ensure they receive a quality product or service.

My future career goal is to become an administrative contracting officer. I have had the privilege to support great ACOs such as Tom Connell, Greg Luebbert and Christy Rosier. They have inspired me to want to take the next leap and always provide opportunities to learn and grow. I never settle, and I want to continue to improve and learn. In the next fiscal year, I would like to see where the contract world takes me and enjoy the ride.

My favorite hobbies include hiking, traveling and spending time with my family. Something unique about me is that I am always willing to try something new.