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News | July 31, 2023

Agency employees complete Emerging Leaders Program

By Elizabeth Szoke DCMA Public Affairs

Defense Contract Management Agency’s Total Force Directorate held a virtual graduation ceremony July 18, to celebrate the accomplishments of 42 agency employees who completed the 2023 Emerging Leaders Program.

The cohort of employees from around the agency represented many different job series and have successfully completed the demanding 18-month program, bringing enhanced skills and knowledge back to their specialties.

“I have learned a lot and it has been a blessing for my career,” said John Yeban, one of the recent graduates assigned to DCMA International’s Europe office as an industrial specialist.

The ELP provides high-potential employees a path to enhance their skills and abilities in the Department of Defense leadership competencies through two groups based on grade. The first group is offered to federal employees in grades GS-6 to GS-11 and the other is for federal employees in grades GS-12 to GS-13. However, all participants received the same access to senior leadership, networking opportunities within the agency and a formal mentorship program.

“The graduates should be very proud of their accomplishments,” said Clint Covert, Total Force Programs Branch team lead. “In addition to achieving course requirements, 33% of the participants received a promotion during the course of the program.”

This was the second iteration of students to attend the ELP since its pilot launch last year. The course fostered continuous learning and provided opportunities for growth, enabling participants to gain real-life experiences. It also emphasizes the importance of lasting professional relationships by facilitating collaboration and support through its forums.

“The ELP framework provides a way for employees to develop critical leadership competencies essential to successful mission execution and customer satisfaction,” Covert said. “I am not aware of another program for emerging leaders that provides the number of different types of leadership development opportunities to enhance their skills and abilities in the DOD leadership competencies.”

2023 Emerging Leaders Program Graduates:

  • Michael Ahlberg — DCMA Hartford, Eastern Region Command
  • Kathleen Balon — DCMA Denver, Western Region Command
  • Keith Becker — DCMA Cleveland, Central Region Command
  • Eugene Bice — DCMA NPO New Orleans, Eastern Region Command
  • Brittany Blue — DCMA Atlanta, Eastern Region Command
  • David Boyle — DCMA Europe, International Command
  • Roxana Brown — DCMA Atlanta, Cost & Pricing Region Command (General Counsel)
  • Gabriel Bush — DCMA Chicago, Central Region Command
  • Kenneth Close — DCMA Pratt & Whitney, Eastern Region Command
  • Jason Connett — DCMA NSEO, Eastern Region Command
  • Mary Forcier — DCMA Hartford, Eastern Region Command
  • Elizabeth French — DCMA Phoenix - Scottsdale, Western Region Command
  • Martín Garay MacLean — DCMA Special Programs East, Special Program Command
  • Thomas Green — DCMA Sikorsky, Eastern Region Command
  • Matthew Guenther — IT, Information Technology Directorate
  • Emily Haggan — DCMA Hartford, Eastern Region Command
  • Rudy Jasmin — DCMA LM Moorestown, Eastern Region Command
  • Elaine King — DCMA Headquarters, Financial and Business Operations Directorate
  • Timothy Lee — DCMA EVMS, Portfolio Management & Business Integration Directorate
  • Jason Loveless — DCMA Baltimore, Eastern Region Command
  • Naseer Murray — DCMA NSEO, Eastern Region Command
  • Morris Nagibi — DCMA Carson, Western Region Command
  • Tafsir Ndiaye — DCMA Springfield, Eastern Region Command
  • Joseph Niles — DCMA Denver, Western Region Command
  • Priyam Patel — DCMA Palmdale, Western Region Command
  • Charles Rodriguez — DCMA San Antonio, AIMO Region Command
  • Jermaine Samuel — DCMA Santa Ana, Western Region Command
  • Evelyn Soto — DCMA St. Petersburg, Eastern Region Command
  • Shaun Spurlin — DCMA Baltimore, Eastern Region Command
  • Mark Stopa — DCMA Hartford, Eastern Region Command (General Counsel)
  • Ralph Tan — DCMA Boeing Seattle, Western Region Command
  • Jay Tarrant — DCMA Oklahoma City, AIMO Region Command
  • Michael Vittorio — DCMA Special Programs West, Special Program Command
  • Hanyan Wang — DCMA San Diego, Western Region Command
  • Shaun Weir — DCMA Seattle, Western Region Command
  • Georgette White — DCMA Headquarters, Financial and Business Operations Directorate
  • June Wilson — DCMA Manassas, Eastern Region Command
  • Scott Wise — DCMA Baltimore, Special Program Command
  • Teresa Wright — DCMA Detroit, Central Region Command
  • Victoria Wright — DCMA Philadelphia, Eastern Region Command
  • Felisha Wyatt — DCMA-Headquarters, Contracts Directorate
  • Paul John Yeban — DCMA Hampton, Eastern Region Command