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News | Feb. 2, 2024

Coach training partnership offers unique opportunities

By Clinton Covert DCMA Total Force

The Department of Defense Chief Learning Officer, Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service and the Director of the Federal Internal Coach Training Program established a joint DOD-Health and Human Services pilot cohort to train new federal coaches in their departments.

According to the Office of Human Resources Management, “(FICTP) fosters a coaching culture within government by empowering leaders at all levels to practice self-reflection, creativity in problem solving, accountability, and candid and respectful communication. Our aim is to cultivate an environment of continuous learning and individual and organizational performance excellence by promoting positive leadership practices. Through this program, students will acquire a thorough understanding of the philosophical, historical, and ethical foundations of professional coaching and how they are applied within the federal context.”

The initiative developed from a yearlong collaborative effort to identify the program’s potential. Participants earn their International Coach Federation, or ICF, Credential after program completion.

This professional certification indicates program graduates have met specific standards and requirements designed to develop and refine their coaching skills. It also demonstrates that freshly minted ICF credentialed employees commit themselves to upholding strong principles of ethical behavior in coaching. Additionally, an ICF credential demonstrates commitment to the coaching industry and personal development as a coaching professional.

Tramaine Jones, Defense Contract Management Agency headquarters, and H. Augusta Fehn, a DCMA International team member at Weisbaden, Germany, were selected to participate in the initial DOD-HHS FICTP.

This eight-month leadership development experience will allow Jones and Fehn to obtain the ICF coaching credential while they prepare to educate, promote, and foster a coaching culture within the federal government.

“I am truly honored, humbled and grateful to have been selected,” said Jones. “I look forward to representing DOD and participating in this amazing leadership development opportunity.”

Fehn said she was thrilled to represent the agency for this “special” opportunity.

“In order to give back to DCMA, this program will help me become a catalyst and change agent toward a culture that rewards innovation and growth instead of just conformance,” she said.

Tara McArthur, the Total Force deputy director, highlighted the competitive nature of the selection process and recognized the efforts of the selectees.

“Your selection from a diverse and highly qualified applicant pool from across DCMA and the DOD confirms your potential to excel in expanding a robust coaching network across the enterprise,” McArthur said.

In championing the efforts of all involved, Steven Uehling, the Total Force director, said, “I would also like to thank your supervisors for supporting your participation as you complete the program’s requirements. Once again, congratulations on your selection for FICTP. Well done!”