Pre-Award Survey System (PASS) 2.0

  The Pre-Award Survey System (PASS) eTool application can be accessed from the eTools portal. This application enables those involved in the pre-award survey arena to be able to request, process, transfer, evaluate, and complete a pre-award survey. The application will also facilitate a contractor search and allow users to view pre-award surveys previously completed within the last 18 months. PASS provides DCMA customers with an accurate assessment of a prospective contractor’s capabilities as they relate to specific government procurements. The eTools Pre-Award Survey System (PASS) was designed to support the pre-award survey process from request to receipt of the pre-award survey results. The eTool version of PASS replaces the system currently residing in the Supplier Information Service (SIS) application.

How To Use - DCMA Access Only

There are no web-based trainings for this application.

Roles and Rules