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News | June 20, 2018

Welcome to Tech Talk

By Richard Fanney and Michael Shields DCMA Technical Directorate

The Defense Contract Management Agency Technical Directorate’s blog, Tech Talk, was launched on May 23. This milestone initiates a new era in communication between the DCMA technical leadership and the employees across the agency who get the job done.

DCMA is continually evolving as an agency. Our technical workforce comprises over half of the entire agency population. Therefore, it is critically important that the Technical Directorate establish dialog on how our evolution may affect the daily mission execution. By using Tech Talk, we intend to bridge the gap for communicating organizational initiatives and encouraging employee feedback. Tech Talk provides a collaboration platform we can leverage to ensure a smoother transition from strategic concept ideation to operational and tactical implementation.

Our goal is to blog on a monthly basis to communicate strategic initiatives that may affect the technical workforce, as well as impending changes to policy, manuals, training or tools due to regulatory requirements. Please take the opportunity to provide your unique insights and solution-oriented feedback.

The link to Tech Talk is (login required).