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News | March 8, 2023

DCMA offers employees help for stressful situations

By Misha King DCMA Public Affairs

During the last few years, Defense Contract Management Agency team members have found themselves overwhelmed and under additional stress.

A simple task could escalate into a high-stress challenge without warning signs. This imbalance could interfere with employees’ productivity and performance both at home and at work.

The Total Force Directorate’s WorkLife and Wellness program offers resources to help employees stay mentally and physically balanced, including the Employee Assistance Program. EAP provides health, wellness, work and life resources to help employees and their families manage everyday responsibilities and unexpected events.

“EAP is available for federal workers who need additional resources managing stress, on-the-job concerns or other life events,” said Melissa Burgess, human resources specialist with TF’s Labor Division. “Specialists are available 24/7 to help you find resources for things like crisis management, short-term problem solving, and legal and financial services. They also have extensive counseling services including family, work, relationships, finances, substance abuse and grief.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, uncontrolled stress can contribute to health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Employees are encouraged to make positive changes in their lives and focus on their wellness.

The WorkLife and Wellness program has broadened throughout the years to encompass multiple aspects of wellness, including more emphasis on managing stress and finances, and overall quality-of-life balance.

According to Tracey Brooks, DCMA’s WorkLife and Wellness fitness coordinator, the program provides services to support employees’ personal and family wellbeing. If an employee is not already actively participating in the wellness programs, Brooks encouraged them to visit the TFL WorkLife Program Page (login required), DCMA Wellness Page , and Employee Assistance Program to learn more about what the programs have to offer.

This year, the WorkLife and Wellness team will continue to provide services like health educational webinars, free nutritional counseling, and free online fitness and meditation classes. Employees can access this month’s wellness and fitness programs at March 2023 Event Calendar (login required) and March 2023 Fitness Calendar.

“I am here to help employees stay healthy and fit to do their jobs,” Brooks said. “Some of the popular classes that I teach are boot camp and Pilates. I also provide one-on-one personal fitness training with employees. I want employees to meet their fitness goals.”