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Archive: 2018

July 19, 2018

Contract management office hosts diversity training, communication workshop

The workshop focused on communication and problem-solving skills.

July 13, 2018

DoD Announces Policy Change on Transfer of Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits

Effective one year from the date of this change, eligibility to transfer benefits will be limited to service members with less than 16 years of total active-duty or selected reserve service, as applicable.

July 12, 2018

Intuitive, efficient pricing capability introduced

Results of a two year effort to improve DCMA’s pricing capabilities is now hitting the field.

July 9, 2018

How America maintains battlefield superiority

The U.S. plan to maintain ground combat vehicle supremacy requires modernizing existing programs to meet capability requirements.

July 3, 2018

Cost and Pricing in DCMA Europe

Jason Dangler and Jamie Sahagun, two DCMA cost and price analysts, discuss their roles in an international environment.

July 2, 2018

Thirteen employees complete black belt training

The goal is for these employees to lead teams to update business processes and find ways to achieve cost savings across the agency.

June 29, 2018

My DCMA: Stanley Michaud, quality assurance specialist

My DCMA showcases the agency’s experienced and diverse workforce.

June 28, 2018

Special Programs cements mission, cultivates collaboration

The event was a rare opportunity for SP personnel to network and broaden their knowledge of the agency.

June 27, 2018

DoD releases National Defense Business Operations Plan

The National Defense Business Operations Plan supports the 2018 National Defense Strategy and replaces the Department's Agency Strategic Plan.

June 22, 2018

OASIS allows agency to shift resources to more high-risk areas

OASIS allows DCMA to transition from conducting in-depth product surveillance to providing multifunctional analytical oversight.